Welcome to the website of Navitas Capital

Navitas Capital is the investment company that supports entrepreneurs in realising growth-ambitions.

Navitas focuses on successful, Dutch companies which have achieved a certain degree of maturity which can realise a next step with financial, strategic and entrepreneurial support. The portfolio companies of Navitas are characterised by scalability and are active in various industries.

Navitas is, together with the international retail chain Zeeman textielSupers and real estate investment company GREEN, part of the United Zeeman Enterprises (V.o.Zee). The philosophy of Navitas is characterised by commitment. Seeing that Navitas does not have a closed-end fund structure, we do not work towards short-term exits but put the emphasis on continuous expansion possibilities.

"Navitas is characterised by strong commitment.
We do not work towards quick exits”

Rense Jonk

Managing Director