The team

Navitas Capital consists of a small team of professional employees. The Navitas Capital culture can be best described as: informal, no nonsense, hands-on, professional, flexible, down to earth and solid.

Pieter-Joost van DamInvestment Director

Pieter-Joost has had an active role in accelerated improvement and growth of companies at Navitas since March 2017. With his broad knowledge and his completed Law Studies (UvA) and Economics Studies (VU), Pieter-Joost is a valuable addition to our team. Before he came to Navitas, he worked, among others, as a financial restructurer at ABN AMRO, where he helped improve companies in challenging circumstances. On January 2020, Pieter-Joost was appointed Investment Director with Navitas.

Pieter-Joost about Navitas: “I enjoy working on realising growth and improvement together with the management team of a company. This is why the vision to make companies stronger and to make them grow and create value has an enormous appeal to me.”

Ernst-Jan KoziolekInvestment Director

In September 2018, Ernst-Jan came on board with Navitas. After his studies Business Economics and Financial Law at Erasmus University, he gained international experience with Rabobank International, among which in Corporate Finance Advisory and Private Equity. In his last position, he was partly responsible for enterprises in which Rabobank Private Equity holds a participation. With Navitas, he can continue to apply his knowledge and abilities, whereby he will be partly responsible for further developing the existing participations as well as the portfolio. On January 2020, Ernst-Jan was appointed Investment Director with Navitas.

Ernst-Jan about Navitas: “As an active shareholder, we are closely involved in fulfilling the growth ambitions of our participations. It is enormously inspiring to contribute in these as an ambitious team. ”

Rense Jonk

In his capacity as general manager of Vinke, Rense is involved in the Navitas' portfolio. Vinke is the parent company of the concern in which the Zeeman Group, Green Real Estate and Navitas Capital are grouped. Rense started his career after completing Business Economics at the UvA at BDO Corporate Finance, where he was involved in mergers, acquisitions and financing issues for 13 years. At the beginning of 2008, he made the switch to Navitas Capital and was in charge of the day-to-day management for 10 years. Since 1 January 2020, Rense has been appointed Managing Director of Vinke.

Rense about Navitas: ”In the past years we have proved that it pays to invest without the pressure of a forced exit and that it’s good for our and management’s focus on enterprising. That is distinctive and makes us succesful.”

Daan MinkhorstInvestment Manager

Daan has been involved in Navitas as an Investment Manager since March 2019. Daan obtained his Master in Finance with the cum laude distinction at the Tilburg University in 2014. After completing his studies, Daan started as a trainee at Rabobank. After the traineeship, Daan switched to ING Capital Structuring. The team advised major corporate clients, particularly in mergers, acquisitions or IPOs, on financing solutions, ratings and the optimal capital structure. Daan successfully completed his training as a Chartered Financial Analyst in 2018.

Daan about Navitas: "What appeals to me about Navitas is the flexible investment horizon (thanks to the open-ended fund structure). The focus lies on building a healthy company with a view towards the long-term. It also enables us to continue to invest, even in challenging times".

Coen MakkerAssociate

Coen has been active at Navitas since July 2019. After studying Technology Policy and Management (Technische Bestuurskunde) at TU Delft, he started his career as a management trainee at ING. In Corporate Finance M&A and Capital Structuring, he worked on mergers, acquisitions and related financing issues. During this period, he complemented his technical background with substantial financial knowledge and experience. Coen successfully completed his training as a Chartered Financial Analyst in 2019.

Coen about Navitas: "Understanding what makes companies successful, discussing this as a team and thinking of how we can contribute as an investor is what gives me energy. It's excellent that Navitas exceeds the financial injection by also bringing knowledge and experience".

Marnix van de Weijer Investment Manager

Marnix has been active at Navitas since February 2020. Previously, he worked at KPMG Corporate Finance, where Marnix supervised a wide variety of (international) transactions in several sectors for private shareholders, corporates and investors. In addition to his advisory role for clients, Marnix has supported KPMG with its own growth and investment agenda during this period. Marnix obtained his Master's degree in Financial Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2014.

Marnix about Navitas: "Successful companies can often be interpreted as a group of capable and driven people in an accessible market. As a shareholder, we are strongly focused on finding the right dynamics with management teams and using our expertise for support so that people can make a difference in the company. This gives me a lot of energy and makes me look for new opportunities continuously for both our participations and for Navitas in the form of new investments".

Kardo AnwarAssociate

On June 1, Kardo Anwar joined Navis. After his combined law and finance study at Utrecht University and Duisenberg School of Finance, Kardo started working as an M&A advisor at Florin Finance in 2017. He was in-volved in various mergers, acquisitions, and financing cases, particularly in the IT and software markets. In 2019, he transferred to Main Capital, where he was responsible for new investments and the further expansion of portfolio companies.

Kardo about Navitas: “The long-term view, enabling a focus on building healthy companies, al-lows us to fulfill the role of a strategic partner properly. Establishing a strong company goes hand in hand with value creation. A truism perhaps, yet, you see many investment companies not always acting accordingly. The Zeeman DNA -perseverance, decisiveness, simplicity, and stability- was certainly a reason for choosing Navitas.”

Barbara NellPR & Communication, overall support

Barbara is an excellent support for the Navitas team because of her service-focused attitude, organisational capital and critical eye. Besides being Rense’s right hand, she is also coordinator of communication affairs.
In 2006, Barbara started at Green Real Estate, part of the V.o.Zee. She handles communication for both Navitas Capital as well as sister company Green. Barbara has become increasingly vital to our team thanks to our growing success and matching expansion of activities.  

Barbara about Navitas: “I know what to expect and what is expected of me because of the purposeful way of working and the no-nonsense culture at Navitas. The mentality of the family company resounds in this team of ambitious young gentlemen. I find myself in an environment of hardworking colleagues. The long-term investments enable building good relationships with the companies. I like that because in the course of time we all become perfectly in sync, also in terms of support”