ICT Automatisering (‘ICT’) is an organisation of Dutch origin, founded in 1978. ICT's goal is to facilitate, simplify and improve the clients’ business, production and communication processes. This is done based on high-quality technological knowledge. Knowledge is presented in the form of inventive and effective product/market combinations. Inventive thanks to the standard solution that is enriched with up-to-date technology. Effective because ICT has an in-depth understanding of the sectors in which it operates so that ICT delivers proven, tailor-made solutions.

ICT Automation’s organisational structure is grouped according to the market it serves. ICT has eight autonomous product-market combinations: Automotive & Mobility, Logistics & Transportation, Water & Infra, High Tech, Manufacturing, Food Chemicals & Pharma, Healthcare and Energy. Each unit consists of professionals with specific knowledge and expertise about their market's products and processes. By combining the units’ forces, products and services are scaled up faster to the client’s needs.

With the acquisition of Strypes Bulgaria at the end of 2014, ICT was able to significantly increase its desired nearshoring capacity. In 2016, ICT realised a turnover of approximately € 90 million. The company is listed on the Amsterdam Smallcap Index.

More information can be found at www.ict.eu

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