Dynamo Retail Group

Dynamo Retail Group B.V. ("Dynamo") was formed by the merger of Biretco with bicycle chain Bike Totaal in mid-2014. The shop formulas include Bike Totaal, Profile 'the Fietsspecialist', Fietswereld and the Biretco Buying Group (BBG). A bicycle chain consisting of over 750 shops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany has been formed by the merger. In the Netherlands, the joint shops represent 33 percent of the market turnover, making Dynamo the market leader in the bicycle industry. Management consists of Managing director Maarten the Vos (formerly Bike Totaal) and financial director Erik the Geus (formerly Biretco). The supervisory board consists of Rob Klifman (chairman), Paul Burger and Rense Jonk.

Shareholders, supervisory board and management of Dynamo see scaling-up as the condition to keep supplying added value to entrepreneurs, customers and suppliers in the strongly consolidated market. Maarten de Vos: "The volume of Dynamo Retail Group makes it possible to further improve our role in the cooperation between entrepreneurs and suppliers. We see possibilities for a different market approach. With over 750 shops, Dynamo wants to be the pivot between customer, shopkeeper and supplier. In that way we contribute to a good coordination of supply and demand which will benefit both our entrepreneurs and suppliers.”

"The bicycle industry is rather artisanal, traditionally. We are continuously streamlining our processes so that a bicycle is produced only then when it’s ordered by a customer. Stock management, circulation speed and cost-price checks are core terms", says Erik de Geus. The company benefits hugely from the involvement of Navitas. Knowledge and experience in the Netherlands and Germany are highly valuable in this very field. "But the fact that Navitas is not exit-driven has equal weighing for us. They really go for the long term which is exactly what we want because Biretco has still a lot to gain." Growth by focusing on the customer has turned out to be a successful approach.

After the management buy-out from the larger retail concern Euretco in 2004, Navitas has been co-shareholder of Biretco. With the participation of Navitas, the new owners of the bicycle company know they can rely on a stable shareholder with a sharp eye for retail. "We have deliberately opted for Navitas. After the meeting with the people from Navitas we knew right away: this is the perfect partner for us", says Erik de Geus, financial director of Dynamo.

More information can be found at www.dynamoretailgroup.com

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