BigData Republic (BDR) is an expert consultancy company in data science & engineering. The team of professionals is driven in design, implementation and industrialisation of machine learning and AI solutions for clients in various industries. BDR combines expertise in tech skills with business consultancy to facilitate organisations in building their own data-driven device. Sharing knowledge, transparency and personal growth are focus areas within the BDR culture.

At BDR, quality takes precedence over quantity. BDR's consultants are highly motivated to deliver a sustainable solution. The combination of data scientists, developers and architects lead to solutions that not only solve the problem but offer a tailor-made solution for the long-term. BDR's clients consist of large multinationals, and (semi) governmental institutions such as Ahold Delhaize, Heineken, ING, KLM, NS, and the Dutch Police.

Examples of BDR solutions typical use cases include predictive maintenance in industrial processes and utilities, personalised advice to retail consumers, real-time cybersecurity analytics of large databases, prediction of passenger flows and behaviour, and fraud detection based on transaction patterns at financial institutions.

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