Avantium is a leading technology company that is active in the chemical and cleantech industry. The company develops and markets YXY - the brand name for making green building blocks for the production of materials and fuels - that can compete based on price and performance. Avantium also provides R&D services and systems to leading companies in the energy and chemical industry, that are focused on the development of new catalytic processes. The customers of Avantium's R&D services and systems include global companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Sasol.

Since 2009, Navitas Capital has participated in Avantium as a private party. Navitas has demonstrated its commitment as a shareholder by investing additionally during the initial public offering of Avantium in March 2017.

The IPO funds have been used for the construction of a new factory in the port of Antwerp, in cooperation with the German chemical giant BASF. With the successful stock-market launch, the company raised 125.9 million euros.

In the new factory, Avantium has started with the large-scale production of its most significant product: an environmentally friendly version of the traditional PET bottle. This so-called PEF bottle (polyethylene furanoate) is not made from oil but from vegetable sugars. Coca-Cola and Danone also took an interest in Avantium in 2014 because they saw a future for the PEF bottle.

“To us Navitas is not only a supplier of the required capital and knowledge.  In the past, they have introduced our company to other strong and professional financial parties as well”, says Van Aken. For Navitas Capital this is the perfect opportunity to participate in a future-focussed and promising technology.

Navitas Capital is an important partner for Avantium. “They are interested in us because of our entrepreneurship”, as Van Aken has noticed.

More information can be found at www.avantium.com

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