Long-term returns are usually well safeguarded in private companies. Being able to realise growth through investments that go beyond quarterly or yearly figures is an excellent basis for durable performance companies –which is the most important reason for Navitas Capital to focus on investment opportunities in these private companies.

Navitas Capital is interested in precisely those entrepreneurs who have some stamina and who believe in their own future opportunities beyond the next quarterly figures. Navitas Capital sees these entrepreneurs as natural partners.

Listed companies

Navitas Capital is one of the larger private investment companies on the Dutch stock exchange with approximately 5 to 10 substantial interests in mid-caps and small-caps and several interests below the 5%-notification limit of the AFM.

As an entrepreneurial and active investor Navitas Capital has close contact with the board. The securities that Navitas Capital follows are characterised by their Dutch nature and culture. Other criteria are easy-to-understand company activities, financial solidity, and, last-but-not-least, solid management with a proven track record.

Navitas Capital is characterised by its entrepreneur mentality – striving for long-term returns and careful risk spread. One condition for selection is the long-term value-potential present in the companies which is assessed based on our own financial analysis.