Domus Magnus en Valuas Zorggroep willen krachten bundelen

Domus Magnus and Valuas Zorggroep want to join forces

Domus Magnus and Valuas Zorggroep want to merge. Both private organizations specialize in housing and care for the elderly in unique homes in the Netherlands. They intend to merge because they will be able to operate even more powerfully in the future. The new organization will have 30 small-scale homes spread throughout the Netherlands.

Domus Magnus and Valuas Zorggroep both focus on unique small-scale private residential care homes for the elderly. "The merger will create a strong organization, bringing together the best of both Domus Magnus and Valuas Zorggroep. It will therefore be a merger from strength," said Mariska Tichem of Domus Magnus. "We can develop ourselves even faster and more powerfully, because we will achieve more benefits through the joint scale," says Erik van den Boom of Valuas Zorggroep. "For example, our innovative power increases significantly in the area of combining housing and care for the elderly."

Optimizing care for the elderly

After the administrative merger, the possibilities of integrating the organizations in time will be examined. "From the consultations that the boards of both companies have had with each other recently, plenty of opportunities have emerged to learn from each other and to start using the best of both worlds," said Van den Boom. "The beauty of this merger will be that it will allow us to look consciously at our own and each other's activities." Tichem: "Although we are convinced of the quality of our own organizations, together we see more opportunities for optimizing our services to the elderly, including the use of care technology."

Nationally active

The merger will provide room for innovation for both residents and employees. The combination will create a powerful provider of private elder care that will also become more attractive to employees. Erik van den Boom: "Partly because of our national spread, there will almost always be a home of our combination nearby. This will also give us a stronger position in the labor market". Mariska Tichem: "Our presence extends from Aldeboarn in Friesland to Oirschot and from Warnsveld to Heemstede. Our 30 houses are all exclusive locations. In the middle of the city, such as on Utrecht's Maliebaan, but also on a country estate such as in Brummen or Zeist. With the merger, our range of high-quality private elder care will become even broader."

Joint management

For now, it is envisaged that both organizations will continue to operate under their own names. After the merger, a new Board of Directors will be set up that will consist of the directors of both organizations: Mariska Tichem, Maarten Sielcken of Domus Magnus and Inge van den Boom and Erik van den Boom of Valuas Zorggroep. The combination will provide care to over 700 residents. The combined 1,250 employees care for the residents in the 30 homes on a daily basis.

The effectuation of the proposed merger is still subject to approval by the NZa and ACM.