Delta Wines International slaat vleugels uit in België!

Delta Wines International goes to Belgium!

Joris Snelten (CEO Delta Wines), Ralph Zopfi (Managing Director Delta Wines) and Thomas de Fonseca (CEO Delta Fine Wines) have signed an agreement in which Delta Wines acquires a majority stake in Delta Fine Wines.

For a long time, Delta Wines had the ambition to become - besides a solid and healthy autonomous growth - a European player of format. This makes it possible to further strengthen the connecting role between the wine producer and the wine selling customer. After the first step across the border in Poland (AN.KA Wines, Warsaw) and subsequently in the Czech Republic (Adveal, Prague), Delta Wines will now also set foot in Belgium.

Delta Fine Wines, Thomas de Fonseca: "It is great to become part of a major wine player in the European market, which will allow us to position ourselves even stronger as Delta Fine Wines and assist our customers even better."

Delta Fine Wines is a wine import and distribution company founded in 1994 and based in Damme. They represent beautiful and well-known brands such as Kanonkop and Yellow Tail (#1 World's Most Powerful Global Wine Brand - Wine Intelligence 2021) both in Belgium and in a number of other export markets. By combining purchasing, logistical and marketing forces, an even more powerful Benelux operation will emerge while guarding the unique identity of both companies. The wine assortment of Delta Fine Wines will be considerably expanded through the participation of Delta Wines, which will make it even more attractive for the Belgian wine trade. This will enable Delta Fine Wines - just like in the Netherlands - to be successful in all sales channels. The producers involved will also quickly reap the benefits of this.