Beter Bed opent eerste Slaap Experience

Beter Bed opens first Slaap Experience

The new store formula is based on two atmospheres - Day and Night - so that visitors experience a complete sleep environment. In the Sleep Experience they can also become acquainted with the very latest technological applications that are the basis for personalized sleep advice.

Sleeping is personal. That is why Beter Bed wants visitors to experience what a good night's sleep means to them personally. The Sleep Experience has an intimate, atmospheric night-time atmosphere and a fresh, vital morning atmosphere. In this way Beter Bed does not focus on the products, but rather on the experience of a good night's sleep and waking up feeling refreshed.

In addition to the expertise of its sleep experts, Beter Bed also uses data to help each customer make the best choice. Thanks to Beter Slapen ID technology, which uses sensors to measure the body, customers now receive a personal lying profile including mattress recommendations. "The use of data and measurements provides an objective and tailored advice on the mattress or pillow that fits you exactly. During our tests with this new technology it became clear that many people have very different preferences than they initially thought," explains John Kruijssen, CEO of Beter Bed Holding. In the near future, Beter Bed wants to make it possible for people to take measurements themselves at home to discover their ideal sleep solutions.

The value of quality sleep
⁠As the sleep specialist in the Netherlands, Beter Bed wants everyone to get the good night's sleep they deserve. Better sleep makes people happier, healthier and more productive. That is why Beter Bed focuses on improving the quality of sleep. "Everything we do should result in a better night's sleep," Kruijssen said. "We train our employees to be able to provide expert and personal advice, offer durable quality products and develop a new measurement technology that allows customers to find a mattress or pillow that fits them exactly."

To get a good impression of the Sleep Experience in the new Experience, Beter Bed demonstrates the latest (sustainable) innovations and sleep solutions:

- Beter Slapen ID The Beter Slapen ID measures the consumer's body with sensors. Using the results of this test, combined with answers to personal questions, consumers are given independent advice on the most suitable mattress.

- Beter Slapen Scan The Beter Slapen Scan is an interactive sleep advice provided by Beter Bed chatbot Bo. The scan helps to map out the consumer's sleep needs and provide personal advice. All the answers and conversations conducted by this chatbot help the sleep advisors on the floor to advise consumers and collect data that can later be used to build up long-term customer relationships.

- M line A spectacular Indoor LED wall over 12 meters wide shows off behind eight M line mattresses. As soon as the consumer comes within the right distance of a mattress, the LED screen uses distance sensors to display specific content about the mattress.

- Interactive pillow wall The Beter Bed Experience features the most extensive pillow collection in the Netherlands. In order to help consumers make the right choice, an interactive wall has been created, whereby video content provides them with all the information they need to make a selection for trial lying.